Cultural Tour of Baltistan

Baltistan is a land a high mountains and great culture. There were several kingdoms in this region in the past. The old rules left their marks by building beautiful forts. The Aga Khan Develpment Network’s Cultural winghas taken a gient effort in restoring three of the very famous forts Baltit Fort,Khaplu Fort and Shigar for. This tour will show you these two forts and will also show you probably worlds most beautiful terrain in the northern Pakistan

Trip Itinerary

DAY 01 Skardu to Khaplu (Hotel and Day tours)
DAY 02 Khaplu To Hushe Valley and Return via Picnic Spot at the bank of River Shyok (Salling) Khaplu
Hotel (Karakoram Lodge Khaplu One Night
DAY 03 Khaplu To Thalay Valley and Return Khaplu
Hotel (Karakoram Lodge Khaplu One Night)
DAY 04 Khaplu to Khaplu Brokk and Return Khaplu.
Hotel (Karakoram Lodge Khaplu One Night)
Balti Musical Show.
DAY 05 Khaplu to Skardu Via Shiger