Mountaineering in Pakistan



Mountaineering in Pakistan


Stretching over about 400 Kilometers/250 miles Karakoram “The Black Mountains” lie in Baltistan, a remote region of Gilgit,Baltistan of Pakistan, bordering Tibet and India, present a wealth of opportunities for real adventure travel. Though best known for the world’s second highest peak, colossal pyramid shaped K2, the Karakoram Range is also peppered with unworldly granite spires that stand sentinel over the sweeping glaciers that spill off its central divide. Some as yet unclaimed by the mountaineering fraternity, these monoliths are the hallmark of the region and the sight of them bathed in the mellow light of sunrise or sunset, is simply unforgettable. Since its discovery by Europeans in the early 19th century, explorers, mountaineers and trekkers have marveled at what is the greatest concentration of high peaks and glaciers on earth.

Rules and Regulations
Four out of 14 above 8000 m recognized peaks, are located in the Karakoram Range.
1. K2 8611 m
2. Gasharbrum I 8068 m
3. Gasharbrum II 8035 m
4. Broad Peak 8047 m

Great Mountains of Pakistan

List of Mountains in Pakistan

S. NoMountain NameHeight (m)RangeDistrict
1Chogori/K2 8611 Karakoram Skardu
2Nanga Parbat 8125 Himalayas Diamer
3Gasherbrum I/Hidden Peak 8068 Karakoram Skardu
4Falchan Kangri/Broad Peak 8047 Karakoram Skardu
5Gasherbrum II 8035Karakoram Skardu
6Broad Peak/Middle/Central 8016 Karakoram Skardu
7Gasherbrum III 7952Karakoram Skardu
8Gasherbrum IV 7925 Karakoram Skardu
9Distaghil Sar Main 7885 Karakoram Gilgit
10Kunyang Chhish/Main 7852 Karakoram Gilgit
11Masherbrum NE/ K1 7821 Karakoram Gilgit
12Masherbrum 7806 Karakoram Gilgit
13Rakaposhi 7788 Karakoram Gilgit
14Batura I 7785 Karakoram Gilgit
15Batura II 7762 Karakoram Gilgit
16Distaghil Sar II 7760 Karakoram Gilgit
17Kanjut Sar I 7760 Karakoram Gilgit
18Masherbrum W 7750 Karakoram Skardu
19 Saltoro Kangri I 7742 Karakoram Ghanche
20Batura II 7730 Karakoram Gilgit
21Batura III 7729 Karakoram Gilgit
22Trivor / Peak No. 8 7720 Karakoram Gilgit
23Tirich Mir (Main) 7708 Hindukush Chitral
24Saltoro Kangri II7706 Karakoram Ghanche
25Chaltoro Gang R1 N 7705 Karakoram Ghanche
26Distaghil Sar (E) 7700 Karakoram Gilgit
27Tirich Mir (East) 7692 Hindukush Chitral
28Saser Kangri 7672 Karakoram Ghanche
29Chogolisa I SW/E 7665 Karakoram Skardu
30Chogolisa II /NE 7654 Karakoram Skardu
31Yukshin Garden Sar 7641 Karakoram Gilgit
32Kunyang Chhich (S) 7620 Karakoram Gilgit
33Shispare 7611 Karakoram Gilgit
34Batura IV 7594 Karakoram Gilgit
35Broad Peak (N) 7550 Karakoram Skardu
36Skyang Kangri No. 1 7544 Karakoram Skardu
37Batura V 7531 Karakoram Gilgit
38Yakshin Gardan No. I 7530 Karakoram Gilgit
39Mamostong Kangri 7516 Karakoram Ghanche
40Saser Kangri E 7513 Karakoram Ghanche
41Tirich Mir (West II) 7500 Hindukush Chitral
42Skyang Kangri II 7500 Karakoram Skardu
43Kunyang Chhish (W) 7500 Karakoram Gilgit
44Saser Kangri II W 7500 Karakoram Ghanche
45Saser Kangri III 7495 Karakoram Ghanche
46Pumari Chhish (W) 7492 Karakoram Gilgit
47Tirich Mir (West I) 7487 Hindukush Chitral
48Pasu Massive M 7478 Karakoram Gilgit
49K-12 7469 Karakoram Ghanche
50Teram Kangri I 7463 Karakoram Ghanche
51Muchu Chhish 7453 Karakoram Gilgit
52Malubiting (W) 7453 Karakoram Gilgit
53Pumari Chhish (N) 7440 Karakoram Gilgit
54Yazghil Dome (S) 7440 Karakoram Gilgit
55Sia Kangri No I/ N 7422 Karakoram Skardu
56Haramosh No. 17409 Karakoram Gilgit
57Teram Kangri II 7406 Karakoram Ghanche
58Istro Nal (Main) 7403 Hindukush Chitral
59Tirich Mir (West III) 7400 Hindukush Chitral
60Kunyang Chhish (E) 7400 Karakoram Gilgit
61Pumari Chhish (S) 7400 Karakoram Gilgit
62Yazghil Dome (N) 7400 Karakoram Gilgit
63Ultar Sar No. 1 7388 Karakoram Gilgit
64Rimo (S) No. 1 Peak 51 7385 Karakoram Ghanche
65Teram Kangri III 7382 Karakoram Ghanche
66Sherpi Kangri (Main) 7380 Karakoram Ghanche
67Istro Nal (North I) 7373 Hindukush Chitral
68Rimo (S) No. II P-50 7373 Karakoram Ghanche
69Istro Nal (North II) 7372 Hindukush Chitral
70Sherpi Kangri No. II 7370 Karakoram Ghanche
71Istro Nal (North III) 7365 Hindukush Chitral
72Skill Brum 7360 Karakoram Skardu
73Skyang Kangri M 7357 Karakoram Skardu
74Karun Kuh 7350 Karakoram Gilgit
75Kunyang Chhish W 7350 Karakoram Gilgit
76Punmari Chhish (S) 7350 Karakoram Gilgit
77Saragharar (Main) 7349 Hindukush Chitral
78Skyang Kangri W 7345 Karakoram Skardu
79Mombil Sar Peak 7 7343 Karakoram Gilgit
80Saragharar (Central) 7330 Hindukush Chitral
81Yutmara Sar 7330 Karakoram Gilgit
82Bojobagor Duanasir 7329 Karakoram Gilgit
83Sia Kangri No. II/E 7325 Karakoram Skardu
84Yazghil Domes S 7324 Karakoram Skardu
85Gasherbrum No. V 7321 Karakoram Skardu
86Kunyang Chhish (SE) 7320 Karakoram Gilgit
87Malanghulti 7320 Karakoram Gilgit
88Baltoro Kangri No. I 7312 Karakoram Skardu
89Ultar Sar II 7310 Karakoram Gilgit
90Saragharar (S) 7307 Hindukush Chitral
91Istro Nal (S) 7303 Hindukush Chitral
92Istro Nal (W) 7300 Hindukush Chitral
93Saragharar (NW) 7300 Hindukush Chitral
94Baltoro Kangri No. III 7300 Karakoram Skardu
95Urdok No. I 7300 Karakoram Skardu
96Malubiting (NW) 7300 Karakoram Gilgit
97Yazghil Domes 7300 KarakoramGilgit
98Sherpi Kangri No. III7300 Karakoram Ghanche
99Teram Kangri IV 7300 Karakoram Ghanche
100Malubiting Central 7291 Karakoram Gilgit
101Rakaposhi (E) 7290 Karakoram Gilgit
102Savoia Kangri I 7286 Karakoram Skardu
103Baintha Brak/Ogre 7285 Karakoram Skardu
104Passu /Peak No. 55 7284 Karakoram Gilgit
105Passu Massiv (E) 7284 Karakoram Gilgit
106K-6 7282 Karakoram Ghanche
107Istro Nal (West II) 7280Hindukush Chitral
108Baltoro Kangri III 7280 Karakoram Skardu
109Istro Nal (Northwest)7276 Hindukush Chitral
110Golden Throne SE7275 Karakoram Skardu
111Golden Throne NW 7274 Karakoram Skardu
112Diran Peak 7273 Karakoram Gilgit
113Mustagh Tower (E) 7273 Karakoram Skardu
114Sia Kangri IV (Central) 7273> Karakoram Skardu
115Golden Throne NE 7270 Karakoram Skardu
116Mustagh Tower (W) 7270 Karakoram Skardu
117Golden Throne SE 7265 Karakoram Skardu
118Baltoro Kangri V 7260 Karakoram Skardu
119Baltoro Kangri IV 7254 Karakoram Skardu
120Saragharar SW-I 7250 Karakoram Skardu
121Apsarasas I 7245 Karakoram Ghanche
122Apsarasas II 7239 Karakoram Ghanche
123Apsarasas III E 7236 Karakoram Ghanche
124Rimo II P-49 7233 Karakoram Ghanche
125Apsarasas IV 7227 Karakoram Ghanche
126Saragharar (SE-4) 7208 Hindukush Chitral
127Mt. Rose/Singhi Kan 7202 Karakoram Ghanche