Baltistan Tours Team

Baltistan Tours Team

Baltistan Tours recognizes that how important and crucial are the staff at the office and in the field to achieve success in both adventure holiday and culture tours and to provide the best satisfaction to its valuable clients. A well established team of experienced, seasoned and enthusiast persons, having close contact between the office and in the field has enabled Baltistan Tours to achieve an enviable track record in both culture and adventure tours in Pakistan. Our office and field staff is professional, reliable, conscientious and ready to deal effectively with the unexpected; whether this requires them to assume the role of rescuer, nurse or diplomat. Our guides are sympathetic traveling companion, sharing with you their knowledge, love and respect for the places you visit.

Zafar Iqbal

Company Director

Zafar Iqbal is the Company Director. After graduation he has joined BT and over the years has gained ample knowledge and experience. He has done not only mountain biking trips and treks to prominent routes of Northern Areas but has also done a couple of treks in Nepal. He has visited the United Kingdom to gain more knowledge about the business and has been running the business with high skill and expertise.

Mr. Yousuf Wazir

General Manager

Mr. Yousuf Wazir is the General Manager of the company. He is nice person and a good administrator. He looks after assignments at the head office and manages logistics, assigns and supervises field staff on merit. He is a well educated and skilled manager.

Mr. Ahmad Ali

Alpine Guide

Mr. Ahmad Ali is an educated Alpine Guide. He has been attached with BT for the last 19 years. Over the period he has accomplished a number of treks to all the routes in Northern Areas of Pakistan. He has done his given assignments to the best satisfaction of the clients. He is social, caring and understanding.

Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim

Alpine Guide

Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim belongs to Hopar Nagar of Hunza valley. He is an educated person and has been attached with BT for the last 18 years. He is a qualified and skilled alpine guide. He has done a number of mountain biking trips and treks in Hunza Nagar region. He is sincere, knowledgeable and thoughtful person. Clients have not only appreciated his services but recommended him for their future treks.

Mr. Mohammad Khan


Mr. Mohammad Khan belongs to village Hushe. Since childhood he has been involved in adventure. He is a skilled climber and works as an instructor to students at the Balti Yul Mountaineering School Khaplu during off season. He has spent a lot of time in Azad Kashmir to help the earthquake victims in 2005. He has done treks to all trekking routes of Northern Areas of Pakistan. He is lively and everyone enjoys much of his company.

Mr. Kareem

Alpine Guide

Mr. Kareem also belongs to village Hushe. He is not only an experienced Alpine Guide but a seasoned cook as well. He has the capability to give the best satisfaction to the clients. Every member of each group he has accompanied with has high regards for him for his sincerity, care and thoughtfulness.

Mr. Mohammad Ali

Alpine Cook

Mr. Mohammad Ali (Elfi), belongs to Hushe village as well. He is an experienced guide and a perfect alpine cook. He has been attached with BT for the last 24 years. He has also visited the United Kingdom. He has ample experience in climbing techniques. He has also worked as high altitude porter with a number of expeditions.

Mr. Ibrahim Shadai

Alpine Guide

Mr. Ibrahim Shadai is a high skilled alpine guide. He has also done treks to all trekking routes in Northern Areas. He is caring, daring and thoughtful. All clients accompanied with him have appreciated his services.

Mr. Mohammad Hassan

Seasoned Cook

Mr. Mohammad Hassan belongs to Kandey village of Hushe valley. He is a nice person and a seasoned cook. He has been working with BT for the last 20 years. He has the best capability of preparing menu in accordance with the taste of the clients. He lives within himself but never lives away from the wishes of the clients. Most of our clients are of the view that they may not enjoy food after having the taste of food prepared by Hassan.

Mr. Rozi

Seasoned Cook

Mr. Rozi of Hushe is a nice person and seasoned cook. He has worked in some prominent hotels in cities and gained sufficient experience about preparing menus and cooking. He has been attached with BT for the last 14 years.