Kharfaq Lake

Kharfaq Lake is situated about 3 KM above Kharfaq village and gives an inspiring view while traveling by road to Khaplu.

At the height of 13000 ft the climb is quite tough, you will find a beautiful lake the fresh and crystal water lake is famous for trout fish and attractive location for camping and linking with other places. The lake is stocked with trout. Over 10 lb trout can be found in this lake fish and one has to walk about 2-3 hours to reach the lake. The color of the water is the most striking feature of this lake that catches the first glance of one's eyes, especially towards evening, when it is of rich deep blue, over the whole expanse which turns completely light blue at morning time. The water of the Lake is not that salty as sea water but it is as cold as ice. A jeep road is under construction.