Trekking in Pakistan

Road access in the Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan is very good these days. So, instead of walking from village to village, most of the time you will start your trek near the last villages, sometimes a day’s walk or less from the snout of a glacier and just a matter of days from the base camps of the high peaks.

The terrain is wild and spectacular. Some of the treks involve many days traversing glaciers and moraines. The main trekking season is from June to September when mountain temperatures are pleasant, the days are longer and the flowers are in bloom. Most of the trips start and/or end with PIA’s domestic flight to/from Skardu. Sometimes bad weather or back log can prevent flying in which case one must travel overland instead, for which adequate time is needed to build in the itinerary. Such occurrences are a part of adventure travel and we ask for your patience and understanding if an overland journey becomes necessary. Overland travel, through the Karakoram Highway, is by private coach, minibus or jeep, depending on the size of the group and will probably be the most spectacular journey of your life.

Remarkable trekking routes in Pakistan