Excursion to High Places

Excursion to High Places of Pakistan. (08 Days)


Khaplu, Shyuk Valley or Siachan Valley is located at 2600 meters above sea level. Khaplu is cooler than Skardu. With the friendly character of the people and superb walks along irrigation channels, Khaplu is well worth visiting and the nicest place to stay in Baltistan.


Skardu is the center of Baltistan and the largest district of Gilgit-Baltsiatn It is situated on the bank of the Indus River near the confluence of the Indus and Shigar Rivers. At an altitude of 2300 meters and lying in a region characterized by mountains that are stark and rise up to 18,000 feet, gorges that are deep and steep, glaciers that are gigantic and imposing, waterfalls that are fast-flowing and noisy, and lakes that are pure and placid, Skardu is marked by a cool and pleasant climate. This truly is, in Fosco Mariani’s words, “The world’s greatest museum of shape and form” and a sight defying imagination.


Since the first century BC Gilgit has been an important transactional platform on the Silk Route from China. According to Chinese Tang Annals Gilgit remained under Buddhist rule from 4th to 11th century AD and together with Yasin was called Little Bolor while Baltistan as Great Bolor.

The Shins – European Shina-speaking people, invaded Gilgit in the 10th century and Shina language is still the most important dialect spoken in Gilgit.

Trip Itineary

Day Itineary
1. Arrival and transfer to hotel. Evening sightseeing of the twin cities.
2. Islamabad to Chilas. Night Stay at Hotel.
3. Chilas to Khaplu (lunch at Skardu)Over night stay in Karakoram Lodge Khaplu
4. Explore Khaplu Brouq & Historical sites in Khaplu (Overnight Karakoram Lodge at Khaplu)
5. Khaplu to Hushe and back to Khaplu. Explore Hushe, Closest view of Masherbrum 7821 M , Aling valley, Kanday Nama, and night stay in Karakoram Lodge Khaplu.
6. Khaplu to Gilgit (Gilgit is a gateway to China and Capital of Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan. Karga valley visit.
7. Gilgit to Rawalpindi/Islamabad.
8. Islamabad