Autumn Photo Safari in Gilgit-Baltistan



Autumn Photo Safari

AT The Time When Baltistan Looks Its Best.

This unique photo safari will take you to the beautiful valley of Baltistan at the time of the year when it looks its best.

Autumn is a time, when the landscape of Baltistan looks like a painting, the trees throughout the valley seem to be on fire as their leaves turn gold, red orange and bronze, contrasting sharply with the barren mountains, their tops covered with snow and emerald green waters of the river snaking through the valley, it is a photographic dream come true. Beginning the journey from Skardu on four-wheel drive jeeps, you will pass through the beautiful valleys of Shiger, Khaplu and Hushe. During the day, trek and visit local villages to study and observe the lifestyle of the Balti people.


DAY 01 Islamabad to Skardu
DAY 02 Skardu
DAY 03. Skardu to Shigar
DAY 04 Shigar to Khaplu
DAY 05 Khaplu
DAY 06. Khaplu to Gilgit
DAY 07. Gilgit to Hunza
DAY 08. Karimabad
DAY 09. Karimabad to Besham
DAY 10. Besham to Islamabad